Florida Coastal Construction
Building in Florida’s coastal areas can be uniquely challenging – especially on barrier islands like Anna Maria and Longboat Key where flooding and hurricanes are high risk.

Flood Zones & FEMA Rules

Homes with lower level living space are subject to FEMA Rules. That means you can only spend less than 50% of the value of your structure (not the whole property) on remodels and repairs. Revisions made during the project also cannot take the costs over 50% of the structure value.

Impact Building Products

Florida has very strict regulation on exterior products in coastal regions. The higher quality, impact resistant products increase costs on windows, exterior doors, siding and roofing compared to other parts of the country.

State and Local Building Codes

Local code requires structures to be more heavily engineered to withstand flooding, waves and high winds. Also, building codes, setbacks and lot coverage ordinances likely have changed since your house was built, so these codes must also be taken into account when designing and permitting your remodel.

Local Building Boom

Property investment in the local coastal areas have increased in the past decade placing demands on skilled trade labor. While we do our best effort to keep costs as low as possible and projects moving, this shortage can impact both labor costs and schedules.

Existing Structure Issues

Older homes, especially in the extreme heat and humidity of Florida, often have unforeseen issues (including rotting, warped framing, old electrical and plumbing problems, foundation problems, etc) that need to be corrected both for your safety and to meet current building codes.

These issues often aren’t discovered until work is already in progress.

Pro Tip: Expect the unexpected. Keep a 20% cushion in your budget for unforeseen issues or be prepared to be flexible in your design.

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